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Friday, 20/Sep/2019, 2:36 AM
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2 years and 10 days ago, we started this project from the ashes of a dead one, without knowing we would have the time to keep running this, but we had it.
Now, with almost 1000 users, more than 30 visits per day and so on, this has become a part of us.

Thanks a lot to all of you for being part of this!

The MMS Staff
Category: Site News | Views: 403 | Added by: MetalMassacre | Date: 14/Dec/2015 | Comments (1)

Yes friends, I'm in exam season, that's why I've been absent this month.
I promise you to return next month.
There's a ton of CD's to share; the files are ready to be downloaded smile

See you next month comrades!!!

The MMS Staff
Category: Site News | Views: 384 | Added by: MetalMassacre | Date: 16/May/2015 | Comments (1)

Hi friends, as many of you know, We've been using Firedrive as our main file host.

I don't know if you haven't noticed, but looks like Firedrive has problems with their servers or something like that.

There's some rumours that they have been hacked, or they are going to shut down.

Anyway, I have to say you that don't worry, I have a backup of all the files uploaded and if there is no news about Firedrive's returning, I'm going to start replacing the links in a new host, starting from this sunday :)

The MMS Staff.
Category: Site News | Views: 478 | Added by: MetalMassacre | Date: 08/Oct/2014 | Comments (2)

Yeah, shit happens in our lifes, sooner or later; but that makes us stronger...
Always there're some people that go away while we're in trouble, it's not something new...
But I'm back again, I'll promise I'll never go away!

Category: Site News | Views: 439 | Added by: MetalMassacre | Date: 01/Jul/2014 | Comments (0)

Hi friends and visitors:

Here is, your beloved admin that has been missing for a while.

The truth is that I have an exam next month (June 24th), so I need to REALLY CONCENTRATE in it, so I decided to pause the activity here in the page, it's necesary for my Life's future.

I really promise to come back asap after that exam, so wish me Good Luck!!! :D


Slayer91/MMS Staff

Hola queridos amigos y visitantes:

Aquí está su querido administrador que ha empezado a estar ausente por un tiempo.

Bien, la verdad es que tengo un exámen el mes que viene (24 de junio), así que en verdad necesito REALMENTE CONCENTRARME en eso, por lo que he decidido darme un respiro y pausar las actividades de la página, y esto es necesario para el futuro de mi vida.

Les prometo regresar tan pronto como me sea posible después de ese exámen.
Deseenme suerte!!! : ... Read more »
Category: Site News | Views: 417 | Added by: MetalMassacre | Date: 06/May/2014 | Comments (0)

Hi all, after 3 months, this project starts.
After the deletion of my old blog, I could complete the designing and building of the site.

Hope you like it.

You can follow the latest releases and updates through of our official social pages listed below:

Official Facebook Page

Official Twitter Page

Official Google+ Page

Category: Site News | Views: 368 | Added by: MetalMassacre | Date: 04/Dec/2013 | Comments (0)